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Wallingford Works Nature Into the City

Excerpt from “Take a Walk in My Neighborhood”

The familiar Seattle skyline boasts the recognizable silhouette of the Space Needle, and any traveler to the city has been to the Pike Place Market with its neon sign posted proudly over the slate gray waters of the Puget Sound. The iconic sign rises over the multi-level marketplace itself, with colorful wares and the smell of fresh fish, roasted peanuts and saltwater. There is, however, more to the city than these obvious destinations. Some of which provide a welcome contrast to crowded urban scenes with natural settings and sprawling views. When exploring the Emerald City, consider this less popular but no less colorful and unique diversion Seattle has to offer and treat yourself to an eclectic getaway: Gas Works Park.

In the Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford, Gas Works Park offers an astounding view of the Emerald City’s skyline over the reflective waters of Lake Union. The rolling hills of grass glisten under a blue sky on a clear day. The waters of the lake glimmer diamond-like as boats travel past. And against this picture-perfect setting the enormous brown skeleton of the once fully operational gas works still provides an intriguing contrast to the nature all around.

Follow the winding path to the top of the hill and you will not only be greeted with an awe-inspiring picture opportunity, but you will also find an intricate sundial crafted into the top of the hill.  Artistically rendered in concrete and bronze and inlaid with stones and small objects, the sundial is a “timeless” testament to the uniqueness and beauty of the locale.

After a visit to the park on a warm day, stop by Molly Moons ice cream shop.  This local favorite serves homemade ice cream in delicious, unique flavors like salted caramel and blackberry.  Or enjoy a cozy dinner at Bizzarro Italian Café, where you can order the clam linguini that earned this unique bistro a feature on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. If you’re looking to stay outside of the central bustle of Seattle, check out Seattle Urban Cottage in Wallingford. A night’s stay in this charming bungalow provides walking access to Gas Works Park and all that Wallingford has to offer along with all the comfort and relaxation of a delightful country home.

Like every big city, Seattle has its share of beautiful and unique sights. Half the fun is in finding them. Enjoy the exploration!