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Fetching Fashions

Ok, so we’ve all seen the dog in the sweater. And while it comes still with the mandatory, “awww!” these days, the old go-to sweater for your pooch just won’t do. Because let’s face it, her fashion is your statement. As a pet owner, you also know the responsibility you have for protecting the health of your animal. Sometimes in winter it can be especially hard to look after their safety. Why not combine the need to be fashionable and toasty-pawed? There are many fun ways to keep your pet looking and feeling good this season.

This winter, let’s pull the thread and unravel the old sweater. Today there are a variety of dog boutiques offering couture canine fashions for the devoted pet owner. All you need to do is tote around your fashion forward companion and your style meter will automatically rise accordingly. Not only will others comment on your fashionable furry friend, but your pup will thank you as well. Depending on where you live and the breed, the winter weather can be harsh on your dog. An extra layer of warmth will give that added comfort when you venture out on the town.

Festive Fashion

Every year there are an abundance of new Halloween costumes available for your dog, whether you want to base the costume on a new movie character or celebrity, or get creative with an old favorite. There are many resources that offer directions for sewing, or crafting unique costumes for your pooch that can also keep them warm on Halloween night. The possibilities are endless. You can dress your dog as a famous historical figure, a contemporary star (Lady Gaga is a popular choice this year), an animal, food (yes, the “hot dog” is still a big seller), or pretty much anything else you can stretch your mind around.

Tis the season for celebration, and why not share the holiday spirit with those around you by spiffing up the old Christmas sweater with a fur collar and cuffs, or try a funky pair of holiday paw socks with a leather jacket. Doggie boots and shoes can protect your pup’s paws from wetness and muck as you travel this winter and also provide for your pooch’s safety with non-slip soles. Try adding cute adornments to your dog’s footwear, a ribbon trim or flashy rhinestones can give you the option of coordinating to any outfit.

Fun Fabrics

Any pup’s wardrobe can benefit from color and variety. Dog coats are a great way to look fashionable and stay warm, a true staple of the doggie winter wardrobe. Leather and fur can be fun and functional, patterns can add flair. A coordinated sweat-suit can give your dog sporty style. Light vests in sleeker fabric can be a great alternative to jackets on warmer days. And yes, even the tried and true sweater can be a great source of winter warmth. Keep it fashionable by looking for fun knits in modern colors. There are so many funky chunky yarns and super soft wooly-winter warm-up’s out there. You don’t have to settle for the same old styles for doggie!


Don’t forget the hats, scarves, and cuffs, all of which can provide added warmth and bring last year’s fashions into the New Year with style!

Let’s enjoy this season with our canine companions and take the opportunity to celebrate your pup’s uniqueness. And, as always, keeping in mind the safety of our pets should be foremost as we venture outdoors this winter. The internet has tons of resources for how to care for your dog in the cold weather, check them out and keep puppy happy!